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Body color:

Color inside:


Price, CHF:

Combi 23


1 493 cm³



295 000 km

mint / white

white / mint


on request

the Volkswagen T2,


more precisely VW Type 2 T2, was the introduced after the 1950 predecessor modelVW Type 2 T1from 1967 produced second generation ofVW Bus-Row ofVolkswagen. Like the T1, the T2 was also known as the Bulli. The vehicle series, officially called VW Transporter and internally called Type 2, is named after theVW Beetle, internally referred to as Type 1, the second series of the VW factory for civilian use and is with theVolkswagen T5/T6continued to this day. From 1967 to 1979, imVW plant in Hanovera total of 2,533,188 type 2 T2 manufactured. The last car left the assembly line there on October 31, 1979.[1]Successor was theVolkswagen T3. The 2001 from Volkswagen asconcept vehicledevelopedVW Microbusremembered in hisretro designto the T1/T2 models, but did not go into series production.


Compared to the predecessor model, the visible innovations include the front with a curved, continuous windscreen (called “bay window” in English-speaking countries) and integrated ventilation grille for the interior without the V-shaped “bib” of the predecessor. The air for engine cooling is sucked in through flared side openings at window height at the rear corners of the car. The door windows are crank windows, the hinged windows were special equipment. The window area has been doubled. On the sides, the bus has two large windows instead of three small ones (not counting the window in the driver's door). thebodyis 20 cm longer with the same wheelbase and width. At thecabit runs parallel and straight, in contrast to the slightly retracted and strongly rounded driver's cab of the T1. The windshield washer works like the Beetlepneumatic.

In the interior, the Transporter has a full-length dashboard made of sheet metal with a plastic cover and an instrument cluster with speedometer, fuel gauge and clock (optional equipment), additional air outlet openings, a radio and loudspeaker recess and a glove compartment with a lid (optional equipment). The lateralsliding doorbecame standard in contrast to the previous model.


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