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Body color:

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Alpine A610


2 973 cm³



86 983 km

blue mét.



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The Alpine A610 Turbo


is asports carby the French sports car manufacturerAlpineand was officially only sold as an Alpine and not, as is often assumed, as a Renault Alpine. The car therefore only carries the Alpine brand emblems ex works.

The vehicle is the successor of the modelAlpine V6 Turboand was based in northern France between mid-1991 and early 1995Dieppe818 units were built (of which 67 were right-hand drive).

After a short break in the previous models, the type designation A610 followed the old tradition of type designations at Alpine. The A610 still looks very similar to the previous models built from 1984 and can be regarded as a further development of the US version from 1987. Technically, however, it was a completely new vehicle. The front of the vehicle was upgraded with fog lights and pop-up headlights. The engine was a 3.0 literturboV6 offaluminum(related to thePRV engine) with 184 kW (250 hp). The car was about 265 km/h fast and accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 s. From now on wereair conditioningandSECTIONstandard.

With the A610, the manufacturer attempted to enter the luxury sports car segment, which caused the price of a new Alpine A610 to rise to DM 105,000.

There have been a few special editions of the A610 over the years. So there was on the occasion ofOlympic Winter GamesinAlbertvillea special model named after the venue, which was all white. Also as thatFormula 1-racing teamWilliams Renaultwas very successful in 1992 and 1993 and withNigel Manselland laterAlain Prostwon the Constructors' and World Champion titles, there was a special edition with the nameMagny Cours. It had Williams blue color and rims in a special design.

In 1994 Patrick Legeay's private team took part in the A61024 Hours of Le Manspart. AAlpineThe factory team no longer existed at this point. Also in 1994, two Alpine A610s were used as safety cars at Silverstone.

The production of the Alpine A610 was stopped in early 1995 because the numbers were too low. As an indirect successor, theRenault Sport Spiderapply, which came onto the market in the spring of 1995 and forRenaultfromAlpinewas built until autumn 1999. The template for the Renault Sport Spider are three Alpine prototypes from the 1980s.


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